The Colchester Good Food Company

Finest fresh sandwiches delivered fast

  • Ultimate bacon sandwich 3.50
  • Ultimate sausage sandwich 3.50
  • Ultimate BLT + mayonnaise 4.10
  • Toasted bacon or sausage & cheddar 3.90 (both 4.60)
      + poached egg 60p
  • Chilled squeezed orange juice 1.40
  • Choice of sauce included (20p)
    Heinz ketchup, HP sauce, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Coleman’s English mustard, Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae sauce, Sharwood’s mango chutney
  • Sandwiches White or Granary

The Ultimate hot bacon and sausage sandwiches; rashers of the finest grilled back bacon or Cumberland sausage encased in the very best thick cut lightly buttered crusty soft white or granary bread, delivered parchment paper wrapped with plate and napkin.

For a truly fast & free delivery in and around Colchester

The Good Food Philosophy


Only the best quality ingredients are locally sourced


Extra thick cut bread baked every morning


Orders delivered in under an hour-often 30 minutes or lessOrder in advance and choose your time
Tel: 0778 415 2511